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Why go with a private health insurance plan?

Whether you recently graduated, retired, started a business, or were laid off from a job, one thing is certain; you probably lost sponsored health coverage.  You join the millions of Americans who have lost their employee-sponsored health coverage and must purchase individual health insurance coverage as a result of businesses subsidizing employee health insurance plans.

The health care landscape is changing rapidly and even company-sponsored health insurance plans may not be the best deal.  Health insurance premiums are increasing every year and employers are passing more of the costs of health insurance premiums onto their employees.

In today’s crowded marketplace, finding the right individual health insurance plan can seem like an impossible task when presented with the wide array of options.  No matter your situation, without guidance, it can be tough to fully understand the nuances of an individual health insurance plan and how it compares to other options.

Our agents continue advising our clients as to their coverage and limitations of their policy even after it has been purchased.  Our agents will always ask about your eligibility for government programs or the COBRA subsidy.

Why Use An Independent Health Insurance Agent?

  1. The health insurance company pays a commission to the agent, so your premium won’t go up.
  2. Independent health insurance agents represent numerous health insurance companies.
  3. Independent health insurance agents can present you with several options, not just those from one company.
  4. Independent health insurance agents aggregate all the necessary information to offer the best combination of price and service.
  5. Our independent health insurance agents can audit your policy every so often to ensure you are still on the best plan for your needs.