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Open enrollment is here!!! 11/15/14 Monday to Sunday office hours are in effect until 12/18/14.

Individual Open enrollment for health insurance opens up tomorrow 11/15/14. Call me to see if you can qualify for a tax subsidy, I can help you with or without using the Maryland Health Connection or going direct to the carrier. 


If qualify for a tax subsidy, you need to be enrolled now later than  12/18/14, if you do not qualify for a tax subsidy you have a few more days, 12/20/14. After that you can still enroll until 2/15/14, but you get a later effective date.


Passing on heath insurance for 2015??? You can expect the IRS to charge you a penalty of 2% of your salary or $$325 whichever is greater when you file your 2015 taxes. This is an increase from the 2014 penalities of 1% of your salary or $95 whichever is greater.


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We are in the offiice Monday-Sunday  from 11/15/14 until 12/18/14 to make sure everyone gets enrolled.


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